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Submission Guidelines

Registered members are invited to post their own submissions for Unknown Armies. Get your freaky ideas out there for the world to see! If you haven't registered already, it's quick and free.


Plain old text is great, but we also support some formatting codes if you're comfortable with them.

For security reasons, HTML and file/image uploading is not allowed.


You must select a category for your submission. If you forget to select a category, your submission is lost. The categories are:

Adepts: Schools of magick.

Avatars: Avatar write-ups.

Rituals: Ritual magick spells.

Artifacts: Magick items.

Dukes: All GMCs.

Cabals: GMC or PC groups, clued-in and clueless.

Rumors: Stories floating around the underground.

Unexplained: Mundane explanations for supernatural events.

Unnatural: Monsters and other weirdness, including Otherspaces.

Misc: Anything else.

Scenarios: Playable scenarios, or partially-developed scenario ideas.

Mods: Rules alterations and the like.

Fiction: Short stories.

Links: Other sites of interest, either one or a group of them.

Downloads: Links to useful files on other sites.


Your registered name appears with your submission. You retain full copyright ownership of your submission. You acknowledge that similar works by other authors may appear in future Unknown Armies projects because coincidence happens, and you will not pursue legal action. Joy!

Future Publication

If you submit something to this site, you can still submit it to Atlas Games for use in a publication. Putting your work on this site does not prohibit you from also submitting it for publication in an Unknown Armies book.



Brief Summary


When someone views your submission, they will see the Title, Brief Summary, and Text all in that order. So don't repeat the Brief Summary at the start of your Text.

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