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Marlene's Lipstick

Copyright reptile2k1

"One more kiss, dear!"

She found it in the old villa where we had to hide... Back then.

Things were tough, us being in deep trouble with some cabal guys...
Don't remember which clique it was, but those fuckers where after us. Some sort of "terrible misunderstanding".
You know what I mean.

Some day, while in the villa, she found that thing.
"Look" she said, "I found a lipstick!"
I didn't really pay attention. Was concentrating on how to please those cabal guys so we could leave the city alive.
"M", she whispered.
"There is a capital M on the cap" she said.
"Wait, I have an idea!"

I had a plan, a good plan, a plan that would keep us alive and could even earn us some cash... A perspective.

A few days later all things were in motion and we had a meeting with some cabal bouncers. We took a shower together, she and I, put on fresh clothes
and so on... Trying to make a good impression. That kind of story.

At that point she remembered the lipstick.

"You know, I heard this once was Merlene Dietrich's house!" she said.
"No kidding?"
"No kidding!"
"Then put on Marlene's lipstick, we gotta go!"

And then I saw her... Boy, she was so beautiful... The pale skin The glossy, blood-red lips... At this moment I would have done everything for her...

I was in a trance, couldn't get my eyes off her... Her lips...

I guess the meeting went fine, cos we got home alive and had some decent money in our bags.

The next day things went ugly. The unnatural way!

I woke up from her cries.
"Whap happem wo ma fafe? Oh my gaaw!"
I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, where she stood in front of the mirror.
Boy... She looked like some monkeys on crack had played baseball with her head, all bruised and battered, especially her lips.
"Aw, honey... Maybe an allergic reaction to some food or something. Don't cry, it will go away."

Thank heavens it did. The next day her face was like nothing had ever happened.

We had several more meetings with those cabalists and those where the occasions where we noticed what was going on.
I figured it out first: Whenever she put on that damn lipstick, she became irresistible! To everyone! She asked someone for a favor, bang, the person did it!
We tested it on friends, strangers, hell, even old enemies. Irresistible.

But the side-effects were not that nice. The bruised face... after each application she looked like someone had gone wild on her face with a hammer. And
the more often she put on the lipstick the longer the bruising would last. one day after the first application, two days after the second, three days after the third...
I guess you can figure it out yourself.
And the wear-off. The more often I saw her with the lipstick on, the more the effect decreased. I really loved her, but at some point I couldn't stand her anymore.
Not only that I suspected her cheating on me... It was the lipstick that made me hate her.

Things went downward, lots of arguments, you know this girl-boy things.

One day we found out how to cancel out the bruising: Blood. Don't ask how we figured that out. It had to be blood from a woman she had injured herself... That should be enough.

We split up shortly after.
She left the city... Saw her on some magazine covers a while ago. Looked good.

She always was a cutie... But with that Lipstick on...

Game Stats: The woman wearing this lipstick gets a +30% shift to Charm and may flipflop as if Charm was her obsession skill.
People who meet the wearer more than once start to get immune to the effect: first the flipfloping is lost, then the shift decreases by 5% per
meeting. This degradation continues giving you negative shifts.
If wiped off with the blood of a woman the wearer has wounded, there will be no negative side effect. This blood may not be taken just to wipe
off the lipstick. The attack needs to have an own motivation.
If not wiped off correctly, the wearer suffers a bruised face for one day per total number of past applications, including those correctly wiped off.
During this time the wearer is helpless, cannot interact normally, looks like she has been attacked and has problems speaking and eating.

No one ever tested what happens when a man uses the lipstick...

reptile2k1 | profile | Aug 08, 03 | 11:50 am

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Boy George.

Sorry, but it had to be said.

Sir Cabhán | profile | Nov 08, 03 | 9:29 pm

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