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Entropomantic gloves

Copyright waitingforgodzi

A sample of the hand-crafted magical artifacts that might be sold by an enterprising bodybag trying to make a bit of spare cash.

LOVE GLOVES (minor artifact)

These single-use enchanted condoms come sealed in homemade foil packages covered in hand-drawn sigils. The condoms themselves arent much to look at. However, the ritual to activate these little bastards is well known within the occult underground, and is widely referred to as "throwing down the glove."

First, you write your intended (male) targets name on a banana. You dont need their middle name or anything like that - in fact, it even works with nicknames, so long as its a name that your target would recognise as their own.

Next, you carefully remove the glove from its wrapper, and roll it out onto the banana. Then, using a sharp knife, you carve the desired pattern through the latex, into the skin of the banana. If youre trying to send a message, dont overdo it - you want something that's easy to read, which will have an immediate impact on anybody who sees the message.

Finally, when youre satisfied with the result, you throw the banana on the ground and stomp on it. The magic is complete, and the pattern you carved into the glove will manifest in the form of shallow but bloody cuts on your victim's penis.

(Mechanically, this is a targeted, long-distance minor entropomantic blast which does 3 points of damage, and probably provokes some fairly hefty stress checks. The ritual to create a single love glove costs 1 significant charge and 3 minor charges.)

THE SPEAKING GLOVE (significant artifact)

The Speaking Glove is a rather powerful artifact. Physically, it looks like a simple black sock-puppet. Its mouth is filled with white cardboard teeth, while its eyes consist of a pair of intricately embroidered white glyphs, copied from the Lesser Key of Solomon.

If a demon attempts to possess you while you are wearing the Speaking Glove, they automatically fail, and they are trapped in the glove instead. The demon remains trapped until you either remove the glove, give permission for the demon to leave the glove, or screw up an attempt to give orders the demon (see below). While it is trapped, the demon can do nothing but speak, and it can only do that when you move the sock puppets mouth. When the demon speaks, it speaks through your mouth, in a silly voice.

Most demons will probably talk to you if you let them - and they'll probably feed you whatever lies they can think of in order to convince you to set them free. However, as long as the demon remains within the glove and the glove is on your hand, you can attempt a Soul roll in order to compel the demon to answer one question relatively truthfully. You can do this as often as you like, but if you ever roll a matched fail, the demon automatically possesses you.

(This artifact costs an entropomancer 2 sig charges to create. It casts the spell Cage For The Dead any time a demon tries to possess the wearer. Its applications are more limited than Cage For The Dead would normally be - for example, you can't use the glove to compel the demon to possess someone, spy on someone from the astral plane, or really do anything other than talk to you in a funny voice. On the other hand, you're not possessed, so you can't really complain, can you?)

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