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The Avenger

Copyright HeroTwo

Doing unto others as they have done unto you - a revamp of the Fallen Angel.

Attributes: It is natural law that for any force, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You are the embodiment of this immortal law. To you, mercy and love for oneís enemy are naught but signs of weakness. Whenever someone hurts you, it is not in your heart to forgive or forget. They have hell to pay, and youíll see to it that they suffer at least as much as you do, or that they make things right.

The path of the Avenger begins with carrying out simple revenge for minor wrongdoings; many people touch upon this avatar at some point of their lives. However, reaching higher levels requires more extreme vengeance, a dedication to retribution like none other. You draw power from bringing about your targetís downfall, so you have to make your vengeance complete and exquisite. If you find out that your original target was merely a subordinate to a higher force that felt your suffering was necessary, itís time to go further up the line and follow it until every one along the way has paid for his or her deeds. Avengers follow the path by helping others execute their plots for revenge, as well as pursuing their own ends; an Avenger is not one to show mercy to the targets of his ceaseless wrath. In all and all, it is never wise to do a Avenger a wrong, lest you be subject to fury unlike any other.

Taboo: The Avengerís path is one of absolute retribution. As such, abandoning a Target before equivalent or greater damage has been done to him/her/it (a decision to be made by the GM) is completely against type. The Avenger is not allowed to be swayed from his path of vengeance for any reason, be it a bribe or the targetís explanation for his misdoings. Ending your endeavor, for any reason, against someone before your revenge is fully dealt may incur Self and Helplessness checks, if their crime against you was bad enough.

Furthermore, showing any form of mercy to your Target of revenge, their associates, and anyone else between you and them weakens your connection with the archetype. The Avenger is only allowed to help these people as far as it gets them to fall into their own plans for them. Of course, you are still allowed to be kind and gentle to those people who didnít hurt you, but those that get in the way of your vengeance are just as bad as those that you wish to exact vengeance upon.

Only one target may be chosen at a time, and must be tangible (i.e. a person or object).

Symbols: The colors red and black, blood, the sword, a pistol with only one shot, anything associated with someone who sought revenge passionately. The symbols for this avatar depend quite largely on what lead the individual to follow the path.

Masks: Fallen angels, esp. Satan (Christianity), Hamlet (Shakespeare), The Count of Monte Cristo, V (V for Vendetta), many tragic figures. Many superheroes are coming to represent the archetype in recent times, making avatars of the Avenger more common than they used to be.

Suspected Avatars in History: Many people dabble slightly in this avatar, and it sparks up very often in the heat of tense moments, but very few realize the potential power from making vengeance a regular thing. Vigilantes tend to follow this path.

1-50%: The Avenger is greatly inspired by the idea of bringing about the downfall of those who do wrong to him, and finds it much easier to hurt the things or people that he has a personal grievance against. He gains a 10% shift to any skill being used for the sake of bringing about the fall of his target or associates of the target. The Avenger would gain this shift to his Struggle skill if he was fighting one of his sworn enemies, or he would gain a shift to his Lying skill if he were trying to lead his adversary into a trap, but he would not gain a shift for an attempt to Dodge his adversaryís attacks, nor would he gain a shift to anything used to harm someone or something that he has no grievances against. The shift is compatible with any other shift or bonus.

51-70%: The Avenger is not bothered by the methods he uses to bring about his targetís fall, even if it were something that would normally make him squirm. All that matters is to him is the revenge. The Avenger treats stress checks made for things that he brings about for the sake of his revenge as though he had 3 additional Hardened notches in the relevant category/ies.

Example: Suppose an Avenger has 3 hardened notches in the violence category. He could torture his target of vengeance (a Rank-6 stress) and not face a stress check. However, if he were to kill someone who was not his target in a fight (a Rank-4 stress), he would have to face the appropriate stress check.

71-90%: A very successful Avenger begins to develop a stronger understanding of his targets of vengeance, and he becomes more intimately bound to them. With a successful Avatar: Avenger roll, the Avenger can divine one truth about his target (i.e. general location, a fear, the identity of a loved one, etc.) or mentally affect his target in a minor manner (e.g. The target of the Avenger may receive a brief message from the Avenger, and suffer through associated stresses). A critical success may result in the Avenger discerning one of the targetís deepest secrets (even things that the target himself doesnít know), but a critical failure will alert the target of one of the Avengerís truths. This ability may only be used once per day.

In addition to this, the Avengerís first channel is upgraded to a 15% shift, in light of his better understanding of the nuances of revenge.

91+%: Such is the determination of the Avenger to bring about the downfall of those who cause him to suffer that nothing short of hell or high water can get in the way of him exacting his revenge. While an Avenger has a target of vengeance, any damage dealt to an Avenger with this channel is reduced by 20 points, and critical and matched successes made against the Avenger are treated like regular successes (including facing the damage reduction; critical successes arenít worth a damn against an Avenger).

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