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Honolulu, Prostitutes, and the Occult Underground

Copyright Reed

This is a freaky "coinicidence" with loads of story possibilities. What do you think?

Check this out--I just saw it a couple hours ago on the History Channel.

During World War II, lots of Navymen took their shore leave in Honolulu, Hawai'i. There was lots to see and do, but the most popular activity was visiting the whorehouses of Hotel Street.

Due to some intervention from the military police, whores all had a set "trick" price--three dollars for three minutes (this actually led to Navymen being called "three-minute men"). Furthermore, in order to make the most cash in a single day, prostitutes engaged in "bull-penning", in which the prostitutes would "service" three men in three seperate rooms almost simultaneously.

Three dollars. Three minutes. Three men.

Don't tell me you can't think of at least nine ways to use this info.

Let me know your ideas? Consider it a creative excercise.

Best regards,

Reed | profile | Aug 12, 04 | 2:38 am

Visitor Comments

Wasn't Daphne Lee born in Hawaii?

And I'm pretty sure we can find something about the state fish, too (the trigger fish; known also as the 'humuhumunukunukuapuaa').


Mr Unlucky | profile | Aug 12, 04 | 5:52 am

I smell a ritual for ponomancers. While not directly connected to the naked goddess, its connected with her domain in the clergy. So If you can find 3 men who origanally partook of this ritual, get them to give 3 dollars for 3min. of "fun", you can tap into some good mojo. Bonus if you can do it inside one of the original whorehouses.

lain | profile | Aug 12, 04 | 2:20 pm

... or three of them in a three day span, perhaps?

Mr Unlucky | profile | Aug 12, 04 | 7:08 pm

The bull-penning ritual obviously allow you to duplicate yourself into 3 individuals; the trick is that the 3 men (who've paid $3) must all be under the same roof and not meet each other.

Fengol from South Africa | profile | Aug 13, 04 | 11:17 am

So that's how Bill Toges did it!

Menzoa | profile | Aug 15, 04 | 2:37 am

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