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News Archives: June 2008

Virus Warning

Sometime on Wednesday, June 25th, someone gained access to this site's server and modified the home page to include escaped Javascript code. Based on a report from Norton Antivirus, I believe the Javascript attempted to install a trojan named Downloader, although it's possible Norton is misreporting what's happening.

As of 2030 Pacific time on Thursday, June 26th, the Javascript has been excised from the site and security measures taken to prevent this from happening again.

If you visited this site within the last day prior to the removal of the script, please see this Symantec article on Downloader for more information.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Jun 26, 08 | 10:26 pm | | link

Site Unlocked

I've unlocked the site again. My first attempt at converting the site from pMachine to Wordpress failed. I'm not sure how soon I'll have time for another attempt, but meanwhile the site should be working as normal and new activity will be transferred to the new site whenever I can make that work.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Jun 23, 08 | 7:31 pm | | link

Site Locked

I've locked the site from accepting new posts while I work on converting to Wordpress. I'll unlock it when I'm done. For now, please do not post anything to the site.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Jun 23, 08 | 5:34 pm | | link

Temporary Relocation

The hosting company I've used for many years, iPowerWeb, is pretty much a pack of idiots. As long as they kept their hands off this site, however, it wasn't worth doing anything about it.

Recently, they completed a months-long process of migrating their hosting sites to new servers and a new server management platform. This was pretty much a disaster. We had a database rollback, then they actually lost the database, and somewhere along the way they disabled this site twice for no apparent reason.

I've temporarily relocated the site to my own domain. My intention is to convert the site from using pMachine to Wordpress. This will enable users to edit their own articles, which would be a huge improvement.

That conversion process, however, is a very big technical challenge and I'm out of my depth. I hope to give it a shot.

Anyway, for the meantime the site will be hosted here on my domain. I believe everything is working correctly but please let me know if you encounter problems.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Jun 23, 08 | 5:15 pm | | link


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