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UA Website in Transition

Hello folks,

We are migrating this site to a new blogging platform. Submissions will be closed for a while until we complete the process. All existing content will be retained on the new site, so please stay tuned.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Aug 02, 15 | 3:32 pm | | link

Website back up

Sorry for the trouble, folks. I've fixed the issue that caused the website to lose all of its content.

FYI: The site runs on pMachine, a blogging platform that existed back in 2002 when I built the site. pMachine is long since gone and obsolete, and unfortunately there is no easy way to migrate the content into Wordpress or other modern blogging software. If anyone knows Wordpress and SQL and wants to take that project on, please drop me a note. I believe it will require writing some scripts to convert the pMachine SQL db to something Wordpress can ingest.

Incidentally, the UA site has more than 1,800 submissions published. That's pretty amazing. Thanks to all of you for your passion for Unknown Armies!

John Scott Tynes | profile | Jan 28, 15 | 3:16 pm | | link

New UA Books In The Works!

After years of quiet lurking and plotting, Atlas Games has decided to publish three new short books for Unknown Armies in PDF format. They're looking for submissions now, so please visit their web site to read all about it!

John Scott Tynes | profile | Oct 08, 09 | 12:09 am | | link

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