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News Archives: July 2004

We're Renewed!

Thanks to your generosity, in less than twenty-four hours we raised $116.98 (after PayPal fees), which is more than we need to renew www.Unknown-Armies.com for another year. I'll now send the excess to the Knights Templar in the hopes that they will continue their efforts to stave off Ascension. Thank you for your support!

John Scott Tynes | profile | Jul 04, 04 | 8:52 am | | link

www.Unknown-Armies.com Needs Your Help!

It's July, which means it's time for our annual renewal of the www.Unknown-Armies.com web site hosting service. Each year I ask you to contribute to the hosting fees, as this site is not paid for by Atlas Games, but by myself and by you, the Unknown Armies community.

It doesn't take much. Keeping this site up for an entire year costs just $95.40. If you can spare $10 or $20, please consider doing so. It only takes a handful of people to make this happen, and it ensures that I can keep administering the site for another year. Every week you post and discuss new Unknown Armies content to this site, and the size of our online library is truly impressive.

If you want to help support the site, please send money via PayPal to john@tynes.com or via check/money order. If you want to mail a check, email me and I'll send you the address. I'll update you on our progress on this home page.

If we raise more than $95.40, I will donate any excess funds to the Knights Templar Eye Foundation ("That Others May See"). No, really. The Knights Templar is the name of a U.S. Masonic/Christian organization and through their Eye Foundation they help pay for surgery and other medical treatments for those with sight problems. Admittedly, I picked them because it sounds cool to say money goes to the Knights Templar. If you want to specify an alternate charity for your funds, should they be in excess, just let me know. (But really: the Knights Templar! Come on!)

Please help if you can. I really appreciate it, and so will everyone who uses this site.

UPDATE: We're up to $75 so far. Keep it coming!

UPDATE: And we're just over $116! That's all, folks, and thanks!

John Scott Tynes | profile | Jul 03, 04 | 12:26 pm | | link


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