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News Archives: May 2003

To Go: The Official Announcement

by Greg Stolze


For a decade, the occult conspiracy known as Mak Attax has been infusing America with magickal power, one super-size fast-food meal at a time. Now the symbolic batteries of the nation are charged up and crackling. The seven chakras of the American body politic have come alive, and the great kundalini serpent is winding its way across the landscape. The lords of the occult underground are riding its tail, fighting for a prize so big nobody even knows what it is. And this is no mere street saga. All the heavy hitters are stepping up to the plate, while the ascended archetypes of the Invisible Clergy choose sides and dispatch their avatars to the front lines. The stakes have never been higher and when the dust settles, your cabal of mystic high-rollers will cast the dice.

This massive campaign packs more action, adventure, horror, and mystic intrigue into one book than anything Unknown Armies has done before. It's an epic that takes you through the spiritual power centers of America and beyond, to a final confrontation in a reality like nothing on this globe of earth. What will you risk to change the world?

AG6008 * SRP $29.95 (US) * 144 pages * Hardcover * ISBN 1-58978-017-5

Written by Greg Stolze, Edited by John Tynes
Illustrated by Langdon Foss

Shipping to Distributors in September 2003

John Scott Tynes | profile | May 13, 03 | 4:58 pm | | link

Unknown Armies in Czech! And Break Today Ships.

I'm pleased to announce that we've signed a deal for a Czech edition of Unknown Armies. Owing to the small size of the Czech market, it's likely to be sold online as a PDF, but we'll see what happens. Another foreign edition is also in the works that we can hopefully announce soon.

Meanwhile, the beefy new Mak Attax sourcebook Break Today ships to distributors this week and will be in stores soon. It's 144 pages of burger-flipping mojo written by Greg Stolze with Chad Underkoffler. You can check out more at the Atlas Games page.

We'll also be announcing the next book very, very soon. It's slated for a September release. Look for details in the next few days.

John Scott Tynes | profile | May 08, 03 | 3:37 am | | link


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