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News Archives: September 2002

If D&D Was UA

Andy Schultz had this posted at his site, though he says he's not the originator. Whoever it is, I found this highly amusing.

Playing Dungeons & Dragons under the Unknown Armies system

GM: Orcs have thick, brawny necks, but no match for your powerful hands, and it feels good, it's a visceral thrill to feel those neckbones separate and snap. But you're distracted from your pleasure by the nagging yelp of one of the smallest orc warriors. "Pawgma!" it cries. "Pawgma! Pawgma!" It's familiar, one of the few orcish words you know. It means "Daddy . . ." Rank three Violence check!

PLAYER: Dammit. I knew I shouldn't have taken orcish as a language.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Sep 18, 02 | 11:54 am | | link

Another New UA2 Review!

Keep 'em coming! The more critiques and points of view we get out there about UA2, the more people are likely to get interested in the game. This new one on rpg.net is short but sweet:


John Scott Tynes | profile | Sep 12, 02 | 12:38 pm | | link

New UA2 Review

There's a new review of Unknown Armies 2nd Edition at Gameplaynews.com:


We could really use more reviews of the game. If you have an hour to spare, consider writing up your own review of UA2--pros, cons, whatever you want to say--and submit it to a gaming site such as rpg.net or whichever one you read most.

And if you see any interesting UA bits on the net like this review, let me know and I'll post it here.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Sep 09, 02 | 12:07 pm | | link


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