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News From The Occult Underground

New UA Books In The Works!

After years of quiet lurking and plotting, Atlas Games has decided to publish three new short books for Unknown Armies in PDF format. They're looking for submissions now, so please visit their web site to read all about it!

John Scott Tynes | profile | Oct 08, 09 | 12:09 am | | link

Back On The Air!

...and we're done. Everything now seems to be working as intended:

Thanks for your patience. If you find anything malfunctioning, please post in the forums.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Aug 22, 08 | 4:55 pm | | link

Site Update

I've finished migrating the site to its final destination, at http://ua.johntynes.com/ In the next couple of days, I expect that www.unknown-armies.com will start automatically redirecting to that URL.

At the same time, http://lists.unknown-armies.com/ should also start pointing to the UAML site.

Sorry it's taken so long. I believe this transition period is almost done and then we should be stable for years to come.

John Scott Tynes | profile | Aug 21, 08 | 12:41 pm | | link

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